International Café

The International Café is a Churches Together in Cirencester initiative to provide friendship and practical support to refugee families settled in and around our town.

There’s always a friendly face and a warm welcome at the International Café in the Bothy, just opposite Ashcroft Church (GL7 1RA). The Café is open from 5 to 8 pm once a fortnight on a Tuesday evening. Come along and join us at one of the activities coming up soon! (See below for details.)

Getting involved in the Café

We’re always on the lookout for volunteers to help by:

  • Baking a cake (has to be gelatine free and vegetarian recipes to respect halal diets of some of the people who will be coming along)
  • Serving tea and coffee
  • Being a friendly face to meet and greet

Can you help with transport to the World Café in Gloucester for our families in Cirencester?

Visiting the World Café is great opportunity for them to meet with other Syrian families and to mingle with people from across the world, as well as to get practical help and support. The World Café is held at the Baptist Church in Gloucester on a Wednesday, once a fortnight. Doors open at 4 pm and a meal is served at 6 pm.

Planning for the arrival of our next family

Our team of English teachers has done an amazing job, teaching English to the two families who are already here. Not only have they taught English, but they’ve offered help and support in all kinds of ways.

As new families arrive, they too will need a similar support net in place as they settle into life here. If you are qualified and have any spare time to:

  • Volunteer to teach English to the new family
  • Become a part of their befriending circle
  • Offer transport support

Please contact Sue Price ( for more information on how you can help welcome the next family into our community.

Contact Sue also for further information on helping at the International Café in Cirencester or providing lifts to the World Café in Gloucester.

Many thanks to those who have got in touch and are volunteering already!

What’s happening in the Easter Holiday?

The children have planned a two-week action-packed holiday programme which they will be able to invite their friends along to, and make new friends as well. Please feel free to come along and join in with any of the events!

Day Morning Afternoon

Monday 10

Since this is the first day of the Holiday, we thought it would be great just to have time at home, to ‘chill out’!
Tuesday 11 Our families are out for a day-long event, with GARAS

Wednesday 12

Come along to the Bothy at 10am and play table-top games. Learn Arabic and do some dancing! Let’s meet at the Leisure Centre for a swim, from 2pm! Then we’re heading back to the Bothy to watch a film and chill!

Thursday 13

We’re playing badminton and basketball at the Leisure Centre, from 10am to midday If the weather is OK, come along to St. Michael’s Park for a kick-about and outdoor table tennis!

Good Friday 14

This is a Bank Holiday, so we’ve made this ‘family time’, giving everyone time to be with their families, at home.
Easter Monday 17 This is a Bank Holiday, so we’ve made this ‘family time’, giving everyone time to be with their families, at home.
Tuesday 18

No Cafe this evening!

Come to South Cerney Cricket Club, for a day out and a chance to do arts and crafts, cricket, and basketball.
Wednesday 19 We’re going shopping with Ahmed and then he’s taking us on a tour of his favourite place in the park, before we head back to the Bothy and cook lunch together. We hope to visit the Parish Church for a guided tour.
Thursday 20 A mystery trip!!….meet outside the BOTHY at 10am…
Friday 21 As it’s the last day of the holiday, we thought we’d better have time to get ready for school again!

Coming up in the next few International Café sessions…

  • 25 April: “Favourite things”….whether it’s a toy, a book, or something quite unusual…bring it along and share it with everyone at the Café!
  • 9 May: “BINGO!” Wendy and Julie from the Chesterton Bingo Group are coming along to join us for an evening of fun!
  • 23 May: “Story time” come along and help us to tell “We’re going on a Bear hunt”, or listen to the beautiful stories shared by our friends from other countries.
  • 6 June: “All things paper”… come along and learn how to do papercuts and origami!
  • 20 June: “Traditional dances”…..from a simple country dance, to a Morris dance and traditional dances from Syria and Sevillana….come along and join in!
  • 4 July: Table tennis, ball games, rounders and a BBQ in St. Michael’s Park.
  • 18 July: A “welcome” evening for our new family.