Minutes of Forum 6 September 2018

Click here to download the minutes of the Churches Together in Cirencester Forum held at Cirencester Baptist Church on 6 September 2018.

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AGM Reports 2018

Annual General Meeting

Thursday 12th July 2018
The Salvation Army Hall, Thomas Street


Chairman’s Report – to be delivered verbally.

Thought for the Week
The weekly column in the Wilts & Glos Standard, written by members of Churches Together, continues to be read by a surprising number of people in our community. Despite continued changes at the paper, our contributors have kept on and have faithfully submitted their copy each week. People regularly comment to us about the column. Thanks go to all our writers – keep it up.
Matt Frost

Syrian Refugees Language Classes
We continue to hold our weekly classes at The Bothy. We decided to divide our learners into different groups according to their ability, with one or two teachers for each group which seems to be working well. We now have two families from Oaksey joining us as well but because each couple has a baby either the husband or wife attend each week with a volunteer who follows the lesson and then ‘cascades’ this down to the partner who was unable to attend the class. Apparently they enjoy coming to Cirencester as it makes them feel less isolated. They have their own funding source so CtiC funds are not used for meeting their needs.

Our own Cirencester families progress slowly but cheerfully as we continue to work at the language. It is a sign of success that the first family to arrive in Cirencester has managed to establish a small catering business, so they can no longer come to our classes at The Bothy, but a volunteer visits them at home and teaches them there. Our other two families also attend an English course at Cirencester College and we liaise with the tutors there. Of course their progress is affected by their situation, which necessitates doctors’ appointments etc. and other reasons why attendance is not always consistent. But we feel that we play an important part in their lives in Cirencester, not just by helping them with the language but also by our befriending role – the two are inextricably linked. Finally, we are extremely grateful to Churches Together for all their financial support; it has made a great difference to the quality of the teaching that we provide.
All good wishes
Stephanie Robbins

Alpha Report
We ran a Course last autumn at the Baptist Church because it is no longer possible to hold it at Jesse’s Bistro. The numbers were small, w